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Virtual FM Workshop General Sessions

Lt. Gen. Douglas Gabram, USA
Commanding General, U.S. Army Installation Management Command
Joint Geospatial Engineering Roundtable
Featuring Senior Engineers with OSD, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, & the Joint Staff 
Doug Mouton, RA
General Manager Global Datacenter Procurement & Construction, Microsoft
Opening General Session | July 29 Thursday General Session | July 30 Closing General Session | July 31

What To Expect at the 2020 Virtual Facilities Management Workshop

Virtual FM Workshop will be continue the tradition of the event being a mainstay of the federal Facilities Management and Public Works Communities, connecting members and organizations nationally across government, defense, industry, and academia. General sessions and keynote speakers will explore current and future resource challenges and strategic efforts to adapt and change in an uncertain and resource-constrained environment.  Education sessions will facilitate the improvement of facility management processes, conserve resources, and equip facility managers to better understand their role in leading day-to-day operations and ensure they are prepared to be the primary service provider for critical installation services. Remember, to access the sessions, you must be registered and select your sessions 30 minutes prior to the session start.  If you're already registered, use the Attendee Service Center to select and access your sessions. You may register for FMW at any time; you will select your sessions during the registration process.
Virtual exhibiting companies will showcase the products and solutions that can power participants with solutions in their organizations.
Highlights of the VFMW include:
  • Keynote Speakers: Lt. Gen. Douglas Gabram, USA, Commanding General of Army Installation Management Command; Doug Mouton, RA, General Manager, Global Datacenter Procurement & Construction, Microsoft
  • More than 24 education sessions and a Joint Geospatial Engineering Roundtable
  • The diversity of service branch decision-makers, presenters, and public and private sector makes the FMW THE go-to venue for exploring issues and solutions within facility management.
  • High-level decision makers and thought leaders from across the service branches and federal agencies.
  • The tools, techniques protocols, best practices, and analysis presented at FMW provide facility managers with the insight needed to make important decisions.

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